Unless otherwise specified on the invoice, our invoices are payable entirely in cash, without any discount, as of their expedition, this being applicable as a reminder.
Any unjustified delay in payments will result from the next day, by right and without prior notice, in a 15 % fixed raise billing, with a minimum of 75,-euros as well as an interest at the reference rate of interest increased by seven percentage points and rounded up to the higher half percentage point.

Moreover, CEGES is entitled without prejudice to her right of compensation of legal expenses in conformity with the stipulations of the Judicial Code, to a reasonable compensation by the customer for all relevant collection charges due to the arrears of payment.
All our sales are concluded with reservation of property until full payment of the price, capital and interest, increased by possible compensations. As of the delivery of the products, sold with reservation of property, all risks, storage and use are at the expense of the customer.

The accordance between the quantities and nature of the products and the delivery documents and the control of temperatures have to happen at the time of unloading. Any discordance has to be written on all the documents of the consignment note, and signed (+ name in uppercase). No complaint will be accepted subsequently.
Any complaint concerning the invoiced prices and/or the quality of the delivered products shall be transmitted in writing to the headquarter of CEGES within 8 days following the reception of the invoice.

Any complaint concerning the delivered products does not entitle the customer to delay the payment of the invoice.
Without the prior written consent of CEGES, it is strictly prohibited to issue a corrective document through a self-billing procedure.

In case of any late payment, all expired and non-expired invoices will become due immediately and entitle CEGES by right and without prior notice or any other formality, to terminate all contracts and to suspend or cancel the delivery of the existing orders.

The reversals of entry or discounts granted by CEGES or resulting from individual agreements are only obtained if the customer observes all his duties and in particular the terms of payment.
Once the customer pays an invoice exclusively received electronically, he/she agrees to receive all future invoices or credit notes electronically.
Our general terms prevail on these of our customers, notwithstanding anything to the contrary in their general terms.

In case of dispute, only the courts of Brussels are competent or the justice of the peace court of the third district in Brussels.